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Clash with crowds and run with other guys in a hilarious silly race
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Tired of the same old running games? 😴 Bored of the same new games with nothing new to offer? 🥱 Are you getting so bored you want to dress up like a hot dog and parkour off a wall while you punch your way through crowds and slap dudes? 🤜🌭💥 Then you better download, join, clash, and blast with the best asynchronous online game Run Guys: Knockout Royale.

Run, race, slide, jump, fall, flip, punch, and blast your way through insane obstacles with dozens of other online mobile opponents. Guys, girls, tall kids, short dudes, funny boys, weird teens, everyone is welcome to fight, run, and have a stupid good time during this knockout race. Battle gangs of players through silly races and wacky arenas full of hilarious epic obstacles for the chance to end up on top! Take turns with your friends and join the battles!

Laugh your butt off in this new multiplayer game that combines running, platform challenges, and free for all insanity. What is Run Guys like? Think about it like a fun run. A supersonic fun race. Through an obstacle course. With punching. 🤜 And explosions. 💥 Run Guys: Knockout Royale pits you against dozens of other players through insane obstacle courses that get more challenging, more ridiculous, and super fun as you progress. Choose your guy, join the hordes, clash with other people, knock through walls, fall on your face, barrel through obstacles, and blast the crap out of your opponents in an epic race along the way. In Run Guys, you’ll literally have a blast as you run through the craziest levels while battling other players to find out who will be the ultimate guy 💯🤴

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Here are just some of the awesome things you can do in Run Guys: Knockout Royale:
– Battle and run through hilarious physics-based obstacle courses
– Slap dudes and blow up walls on tons of different maps and arenas
– Clash with crowds of up to 60 other very real human players
– Invite your friends and punch the crap out of each other
– Choose your guy, customize your look, and unlock new guys and new outfits
– Prove you’ve got the guts to survive insane courses and be crowned the ultimate dude

What does Run Guys give you that other new games can’t? How about pure chaos, endless knockouts, and dozens of guys falling all over the place trying to avoid exploding runners and flying junk. Friendly challenge? No. Ridiculous arena battles? Absolutely. We can’t guarantee there won’t be deadly unicorns and weird samurai players running around trying to blow you up. Don’t try to make sense of it. No one can. Just download, join and clash! 🤜💥

What's new

– Reduced the run cost
– Fixed errors in PVP levels
– Fixed counter values in PVP mode
– Fixed interface glitch when turning the phone


4 comments on "Run Guys: Knockout Royale Download APK Latest Version 2022**"

  1. Atique Rahman says:

    Good game but whenever I am in the last round for some reason the jump button does not work. Please fix this issue. Quite a good substitute game for Fall Guys and is fun!😃😃😃Another issue is that my camera is not changing angles when I move so it makes it harder to play, especially in the one where there is a beam and you have to jump over it.

  2. Ben Kennedy says:

    In the beginning I wasn’t that into it but when you play it more and more and try to get on the leaderboard, it’s quite fun. Especially since it’s a new enough game everyone starts close enough together. There are things that could improve the game though, they haven’t implemented the team/guild feature yet but that’s important to keep people more active and socialize with others. Surprised this game hasn’t got more reviews. Respectable 4*

  3. A V says:

    Seriously? You guys added the energy thing AGAIN? I want to be able to play how much I want. This game has gone downhill. I cannot give this game more than a 2. Honestly dissapointed. And also, the ads are annoying. Ads every single time you die. Then you can’t even move your camera angle. Most of the people are talking in a whole diffrent language! And the start button or whatever is also in a diffrent language. Controls are horrible. Also a ripoff of fall guys. Dissapointing game.

  4. Darren Whelan says:

    Not a fall guys game it’s a really similar game to archero and exactly the same layout and boosts at the start of every game etc or watch an ad to get more . After the introduction it becomes that game I had all those years ago which is weird but it’s not what you think people… great game and very well built but not what I was looking for 🙂

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