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Choose to be civilian or politician?
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Legend City Download APK

Time to Conquer the Legend City!
This is A CITY that full of powerness
This is A WORLD that full of building and conquer
Legend City is the Latest modern rpg simulation strategy mobile game
You will experience not only the promotion from a civilian to the President strategically, but also obtain the immersive and romantic dating experience with various secretaries
Plus, as the owner of the city, you can recruit more agents, explore the overseas area, invest in jewelry, and more

Legend City Download APK Android

▲Running City on the Sandbox Map▲
Zoom-in to manage your own city, using a large number of exquisite architectural models to make your city prosper.
▲Alliance System in the Grand Union▲
Join or create the most powerful alliance, unite your partner and fight together against other alliance for assets.
▲Recruiting & Upgrading the Strongest Agents▲
Arrange the best agents together, creating your unique and strongest army

Legend City Download APK İOS

▲Worldwide Trading System Make Your Rule Global▲
Overseas properties that are added with special events that are updated weekly. You’ll need to explore every day in order to become “President”!
▲The Most Realistic Life▲
Collect luxury vehicles, gold, and race cars, where you can experience all kinds of gameplay.
[Legend City GLOBAL GROUP]
Mission: Feedback in the official customer service Email:LustofMafia@hotmail.com
Mission: Join the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LegendCityLoM/


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4 comments on "Legend City Download APK Latest Version 2022**"

  1. Jeff Jones says:

    Not such a bad pay-to-win game. There’s enough to do and rewards for f2p folks aren’t hard to get. There are worse experiences. That said, I suspect a bunch of money is being left on the table because Google can’t get their ducks in a row regarding payments. I’ve tried a bunch of times to spend a little bit to support the devs but nothing works. Keep getting the same “…take up to two days for…” authorization. This despite the gpay page showing that the payment method is ready. Silly.

  2. Yo'averageGamer says:

    This game is intriguing at the start but it gets stale so quick. After some time it became a chore for me. Log on do the same things that I did for the last three months and log off so I can continue leveling up. Three months is obviously a long time, but it got stale way before that. I just kept hoping it gets better, but it really doesn’t.

  3. Benjamin says:

    0 stars. All this game does is make me feel like i’m getting a run around. I’m redoing missions. Can’t click on anything just once. This game has spelling errors and my original review has been deleted by you guys, thanks for that. Oh and it’s pay to win. This’s so frustrsting that developers get away with this.

  4. Erica M. Flores says:

    Greedy people.. I did like this game till, I’ve lost my main account for no reason! I had to make a new account.. Top it off with, in order to gain power. You have to buy a pack.. this y Xbox/ps is better than mobile games.

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