Skullgirls Fighting RPG Download APK Latest Version 2022**


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The #1 Mobile Fighting Game! Collect, upgrade, customize, and FIGHT!
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Skullgirls Fighting RPG Download APK

Skullgirls Fighting RPG Download APK

“Far and away the best mobile fighting game out there.” – Toucharcade
“This game is perfect for fighting game lovers.” – Dispatch

Skullgirls is a 2D Fighting RPG packed with unique, colorful characters to collect, upgrade, and customize as you search for the mysterious SKULLGIRL!

Thousands of frames of carefully hand-drawn 2D animation delivers one of the most visually polished games you’ll play on mobile

– Custom controls designed specifically for mobile allow you to effortlessly execute a wide variety of amazing moves and combos with a single tap or swipe.
– New Fighting Game player? Use Fight Assist and focus ONLY on strategic decisions.
– Experienced Fighting Game player? Discover deep tactical choices, unique combos, juggles, and more!
– Finally, a Fighting Game for everyone!

– RPG players will feel right at home!
– Collect dozens of Characters that can each be customized in a variety of ways to suit your playstyle.
– Level Up and Evolve your Fighters to maximize their potential.
– Unlock Special Moves and Blockbusters that can be upgraded and equipped before each battle – pick the perfect loadout!
– Build teams of up to 3 Fighters – find the best combination to maximize synergies.
– Explore an ever-growing collection of characters.

– Versus Mode – Fight against other players in REAL-TIME online battles.
– Story Mode – Seek out the Skullgirl before she destroys New Meridian.
– Prize Fights – Compete with other players to unlock new Fighters.
– Daily Events – Character-specific events are added daily – can you conquer them all?
– Rift Battles – Build up your defenses and challenge other players to earn rare rewards.
– Training – Practice combos, try different team combinations and perfect your technique.
– More modes coming soon!

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What's new

4.10 Update Notes
- HOLIDAY EVENTS AND GIFTS - Enjoy free Gifts and special events throughout the Holidays!
- NEW FIGHTERS - Be the first to experience Fukua - Dream Demon, Cerebella - Blitz & Glamour, & Robo-Fortune - Vector Protector!
- FIGHTER UPGRADES - By popular demand, 11 Fighters have been buffed!
- TRIBUTES - Use Skill Points to purchase Fighters and Moves in the Cabinet of Curiosities!

For the full lowdown, check out the update notes on our forums!


4 comments on "Skullgirls Fighting RPG Download APK Latest Version 2022**"

  1. dorb dorb says:

    I ain’t never really been a fan of games like these, really I haven’t I’m really bad, and Skullgirls doesn’t change that. Easy controls, good characters (you’ll know what I mean if you install), amazing work in general. creators have put a lot of work into it so I can’t really critique it in anyway, not that I could anyways, or would want to. Skullgirls, putting aside the jiggle physics, has managed to bring out a relatively long review out of me which goes to show that it certainly is worth it.

  2. Xurreal says:

    Update: Prestige Abilities have added more depth to an already deep game. There are relic spotlights to make getting the specific flavor you want. After playing for a long while, I can’t put this game down. SkullGirls Mobile has so much depth that other games are unable to replicate. There’s a sensation of accomplishment and achievement independent of whether or not you are Pay 2 Win or not. I hope this game finds its way (back) onto many mobile devices. It’s getting better all the time.

  3. DUCKIE QUACK says:

    This game is AMAZING, okay so tge first thing about it is you don’t have to spend ANY money on this game, there are in game purchases but you don’t *need* to buy the in game currencies you just get then by playing the game, there aren’t alot of characters but to the point where I can’t memorize all of their names (exept ms. Fortune she is the bomb) and also the game plays AMAZINGLY, sometimes it get a little grindey, at points but it mostly isn’t that hard (although I have raged a few times)

  4. Joshua Brathwaite says:

    Great game. Love the music, gameplay and the art style. The game is more in depth than expected but in a good way. It’s simple yet intricate. I feel I may have finally found a fighting game for mobile worth investing time in.

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