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Date handsome models & become a fashion SNS star in this fantasy romance!
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Wannabe Challenge Download APK

Come and experience K-fantasy romance on Wannabe Challenge!
Choose your love with the handsome goblins who are linked with the red string of fate!
Dream of becoming an SNS star through your own unique outfit styling and photoshoots!
Achieve your own romance through the hottest fashion SNS posts, texts, and calls!
Organize your own decks by collecting Evermore cards and clear the stories!
Enjoy the Wannabe Challenge OST sang by famous K-POP singers such as Oh My Girl and Sandeul from B1A4!
Experience the story while listening to the sweet voices of famous voice actors!

– A breathtaking romance fantasy,
plus a heart-stirring cohabitation with 4 guys!
Who will be the love of your life and fate?

– Collect, Upgrade, and Enjoy This Story RPG.
An engaging story game created by Day7, the master of female-oriented games.
Read hidden stories and upgrade your Evermores each stage!

Wannabe Challenge Download APK İOS

– Sweet voices and W-LIVE
Compelling voices of the famous voice actors!
Fashion SNS Wannabe, Text, Call, and even live streams!

– Become the fashion queen, Muse One!
Cool fashion styling and photoshoots.
Prepare your own deck and challenge yourself in Fame PVP and fashion competition!

– Hidden story in a parallel world.
Special Dream Garden stories and go on a date with your favorite guy.

Wannabe Challenge Download APK Android

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What's new

- How would your housemates look in kindergarten?
: 'Fantasia' Evermore is here, which contains special imagination.
: Check out the cute story of your housemates in Wannabe Kindergarten!

-Stage ranking system has been added.
: You can now see the Wannabistas who cleared the stage with the highest score.

We've fixed a few minor inconveniences, based on the suggestions we received from Wannabistas, to make the gaming experience smooth.


4 comments on "Wannabe Challenge Download APK Latest Version 2022**"

  1. samira9215 says:

    I’m stuck at chapter 14. I made some progress in chapter 15 but can’t go much further because an evermore, even if it’s evolved and enhanced, is not very useful if it is not stared up to the max level. The reason why I can’t star up some SSR evermores is because I need items from chapter 16. I can’t even get to chapter 16 because evermores that are missing a star are not enough to pass many levels in chapter 15. It all seems like a futile struggle and has made the game boring.

  2. Chryceis H says:

    At first, the game was great and I loved it… but then I got stuck in a glitch/bug where the game forces me to summon evermores and then resets after I buy them, creating a neverending loop. It is no longer playable, and I am very irritated and annoyed. I wonder if this is happening to anyone else? Either way, if this doesn’t get fixed I am deleting the app.

  3. Jaycat 543 says:

    An interesting story and fun game play. The characters are well developed and the story has a lot of depth. My only complaints are the amount of materials needed to level up Evermore cards and that as of late the game has crashed a few times. Maybe 5-6 in total and the reload takes a while. Other than that, I love the game. Keep up the great work!

  4. B-Oven Beyond says:

    Like a lot of people, I must complain about the difficulty in leveling up cards. No matter how good I make them its still somehow not enough. Its gotten to the point where I’m riding through the story on 1 star missions. Don’t get me wrong, its fun, but its becoming harder to progress and it feels like I’m getting nowhere with the story because of it. It especially sucks when there’s like 🤏 between getting 1 star and I barely miss. It sucks because I actually quite like the story.

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